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I agree that SMC and its sponsors retain the right to utilise photographs or videos of my participation in Club competitions and events. Such images may be used in publications, news releases, online, social media, and in other communications related to the mission of the club and its sponsors.
I agree to any ‘Terms and Conditions’ of membership stated on the Southside Malibu Club website. The terms and conditions may be revised from time to time, but any changes will not be retroactive. The Southside Malibu Club will notify members of any material changes.
I understand and acknowledge that surf activities are dangerous and that there are inherent risks which may result in serious injury to me. Additionally, waves/ocean can act in a sudden and unpredictable (changeable) way. I declare that I have the experience and skills required for the Southside Malibu Club competitions and events. · I declare that I do not have any medical or physical conditions that would affect my participation in the Southside Malibu Club competitions and events (e.g., previous broken bones, dislocated joints, diabetes, allergic reactions, wear contact lenses/hearing aids, any disabilities, etc, that may affect your safety and the safety of others.) · I agree not to drink alcohol or take prohibited drugs before or during the competition · I understand that my signature to this document constitutes a complete and unconditional release or all liability of the Committee of the Southside Malibu Club to the greatest extent allowed by the law in the event of me and/or the children under 18 years of age under my care suffering or causing any injury or death. · I release the Southside Malibu Club Cronulla (SSMCC), all Southside Malibu Club Committee Members, and all event sponsors, their members or agents and any official connected with club events from all liability arising from natural causes or otherwise. injuries. illness or death whatsoever and howsoever arising from my participation or presence at any Southside Malibu Club competition or event.