Southside Loggers

Traditional style, grace & flow linking traditional maneuvers into continual motion. Drop knee & reverse drop knee turns, nose riding, tube riding, re-entries, delayed floaters & cross step walking in both directions.

Boards must 9ft plus, be a single fin with no provision for other fin configuration, minimum weight of 8kgs, have 50/50 rails with no hard rails around the nose / tail.

Participants can also surf in the A & B Grade or Southside Lady Longboarderdivisions. 

Southside Loggers criteria:

• Log riding is judged on continual motion, style & grace in the critical section of the wave. 

• We are looking for flowing, controlled turns…. nose riding in the critical section of the wave & stylish graceful manoeuvres with an emphasis on a clean transition into the next manoeuvre with little down-time.

• High scoring potential is placed on a minimum four to six step pattern to & from the nose cleanly, technical noseriding only when executed well, leading into a smooth transition to your next manoeuvre of your repertoire.

• This is “Not a Nose Riding Division” but more about surfing the wave with all manoeuvres.

• Modern Log Judging is critiqued over the WHOLE WAVE PACKAGE.

• We are judging Traditional Surfing with the emphasis on FLOW,  CONTROL & STYLE.

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